China gadgets

Een aantal websites voor prijzen vergelijken of reviews van China gadgets.

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How do you use paypal balance to pay for ebay?

***** FIX / SOLUTION *****

PROBLEM: You have a balance in your PayPal account but are seemingly unable to use it to make purchases on eBay. The only options you may have is a linked credit card or bank account.

FIX: You need to change your Primary Currency in your PayPal account settings to the country you reside! Click “PayPal Balance”> “Manage Currencies”> select your currency, add that currency and make it primary. Once this is done you may need to re-login to your eBay account for the settings to take effect. But you should now have PayPal Balance as a payment option.

Explanation: I live in Canada (CAD) and make a lot of purchases from the United States (US). My balance was in US and Primary Currency was set as US and it would make sense that the things I’m buying are in US so no problem right? Wrong lol I could not use it until I changed my currency to CAD first. Doing it like this effectively means PayPal will **bleep** me on the exchange rate, because it now has to go from US to CAD and to US again. But at least I can use the funds in my account. The other option is to transfer your balance to your credit card or bank and then make a purchase from either. I’m sure the argument is that country’s have business restrictions or some such nonsense. But thats just how it is.

NOTE: This problem should only affect folks who are attempting to make a payment in a currency that is not the same as the country with which they reside. It’s pretty sad that the PayPal service reps have not given a straight answer for this simple problem. But there you go folks!

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Diverse leveranciers voor zonnepalenel in de buurt van haarlem.

Buijs Elektrotechniek, Velserbroek
Greeny bros, Uitgeest
Zonnefabriek, Amsterdam
Kapitein BV, Haarlem

Eventueel ook nog:
Haarlemse huizen aanpak

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Windows 7 SP1 convenience roll-up now available (KB3125574)

Microsoft has released a one-time convenience roll-up for Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1). This rollup contains security, non-security, and hotfixes going back to SP1 and up to April of 2016. Since SP1, there have been well over 1,000 updates released in one form or another, including security updates, “hotfixes”, and other Windows updates.

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Prijslijst van Korado radiatoren

Dit is de bruto prijslijst van Korado radiatoren zoals deze door Verploegen Verwarming bv wordt gevoerd.

Prijslijst Korado radiatoren

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Diverse hoveniers waar we een folder van hebben gehad.

Hoveniersbedrijf A.C.V. Schmidt
Stratenmaker van Dijk
Hoveniersbedrijf van der Zon

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Echte mannen dieet

Echte mannen dieet The hair dieters, stiekem ook voor vrouwen. Gewoon lekker eten voor normale, echte mensen die willen afvallen. Geen slablaadjes of lightproducten, maar eerlijke gerechten met stevige smaken maar weinig calorieën. Bedoelt voor iedereen die net als Si en Dave niet willen stoppen met lekker eten, maar wel met geleidelijk dikker worden.

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Boek Jobmarketing 2.0

In ‘Jobmarketing 2.0′ beschrijft Aaltje Vincent haar succesvolle aanpak om aan jobmarketing te doen en jezelf aan werk te helpen. Zij noemt het ook wel ‘werk veroveren’. Het boek is geschreven op basis van haar jarenlange ervaring met duizenden cliënten die ze individueel of in groepen heeft begeleid.

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Natuur in Nederland

Natuur in Nederland presenteert in één prachtige uitgave alles wat je wilt weten over de Nederlandse natuur: planten, dieren en landschappen, samenhang en ontstaansgeschiedenis, landgebruik en wandelmogelijkheden.

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Transformy is a pretty clever little app for changing the way data in a list is shown. Just paste in your source list, type the first line the way you’d like your list to look, and let Transformy do the rest.

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